Release of "The Rocket in Space"

"Exploring new worlds with music" is the main topic of Martin Tingvall's current album "The Rocket". And he also puts this himself into practice on several levels: Firstly, he ventured into a VR experience with "The Rocket" for the first time and takes the audience and listeners on a journey to a concert that takes place on a space shuttle flying through foreign galaxies. Secondly, Tingvall is currently releasing for the first time an electronically produced mix of his title track: "The Rocket In Space".

Martin Tingvall: "Creating a VR Experience for my music has been an extremely exciting experience for me. Making it possible to experience music in a different and new way in a virtual world inspired me to produce a completely different version of my music - an electronic remix. It still is Tingvall but another side of me."

"The Rocket In Space" is available on all standard streaming and download platforms as well as a limited single LP.




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