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“On the piano you can pull out all the stops – from minimalistic to gigantic. That gives you an incredible number of possibilities, but it’s a major challenge, too.” (Martin Tingvall) 

When Martin Tingvall brought out his first solo album, "en ny dag”, back in 2012, he presented a completely new facet of his artistic creativity: let’s call it 'the quiet side'. The German weekly DIE ZEIT praised the album as "soul-searching, reserved, movingly serene" and verified that "Tingvall gathers up jazz aficionados at the point where Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea once left them …". FAZ, another German newspaper, added: "Tingvall’s lyrical style endeavors to reinforce our faith in the unassuming." The poetry with which Martin Tingvall touched his listeners struck a nerve with an audience bent on barricading itself for a moment against being inundated with information and superlatives vying to outdo each other.

True to form, Martin Tingvall is now consistently setting forth the path he had taken for his solo work with "Distance", his second solo abum (Release: 2015). In his own words, on this album he is "searching for distance. Distance to the here today, gone tomorrowness so present in our time, but also, for instance, to the sense of removal that originates when people hardly get together face to face anymore because most contacts on a personal level happen via digital media." He wants to use this album as a counterpoint to offset the distances, the developments that today’s rapid pace brings with it.

On his third piano solo album "The Rocket" (2019) Tingvall is diving deep into new worlds to explore his musical minimalism even more than on his two first solo albums. It's a journey into space with just himself and his piano.


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"[…] every single one of these beautiful little pieces on “Distance” has its own character. And it’s impressive to witness how Martin Tingvall is able to achieve this." Deutschlandradio Kultur

en ny dag

„innig, verhalten, ergreifend schön“ Die ZEIT


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