07/05/2021 Release of first track of Tingvall's new album

Martin Tingvall's new album "When Light Returns" will be released in summer. The title track of the same name will be released on May 7th. … mehr

01/02/2021 Tingvall composes soundtrack for new TV series

Martin Tingvall composed the title music and the entire soundtrack for the new series "Die Toten von Marnow". … mehr

25/11/2020 Song book "The Rocket" available

Now you yourself can play the music of the No.1 album "The Rocket"! … mehr

28/11/2019 "The Rocket" as VR experience and with a new mix

Martin Tingvall is about to enter new worlds twice: The title track of his current album "The Rocket" can now be experienced in a virtual reality - and Tingvall has produced the song as an electronic remix "The Rocket In Space". … mehr


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